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dc.contributor.authorCano Martínez, Jeimy José
dc.identifier.citationRevista de Ingeniería - No. 15 (May. 2002) p. 66-72es_CO
dc.description.abstractThe continuous reports of security vulnerabilities and new ways to have acces to privileged resources of our host, notice the necessity to be prepared to face a possible attack in our computational infrastructures and communications. therefore, the organizations that would maintain high security levels, require to establish, along with the good computer security practices, computer incidet response teams, strategiees for the identificaction and harvesting of the evidence of the incident, as well as personal permanently trained in computer security. I this sense, this article offers to readers an analysis scenario to think about incident repsonse and digital evidencees_CO
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad de los Andeses_CO
dc.sourcereponame:Repositorio Institucional Sénecaes_CO
dc.titleConceptos y retos en la atención de incidentes de seguridad y la evidencia digitales_CO
dc.subject.keywordDelitos por computador - Publicaciones seriadases_CO
dc.subject.keywordRedes de computadores - Medidas de seguridad - Publicaciones seriadases_CO
dc.journal.titleRevista de Ingenieríaes_CO

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