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dc.contributor.authorSilva Almeida, Fernando Antonio da
dc.identifier.citationTerritorios : Revista de Estudios Regionales y Urbanos - No. 14 (Feb.-Jul. 2005). -- p. 105-117es_CO
dc.description.abstractThis paper is to discuss the dwelling verticalization process that the city of Recife, Brazil, is undergoing nowadays. In the last 50 years, the population of this city increased almost three times. The same can be said about the dwelling-place amount, a situation that, among other traditional districts around the city, denotes the existences of a network of districts of speculative interests for the housing market. The new dwelling towers are rapidly spreading out throuhg the city, thus directly influencing the new transit ways, the apparition of new urban centralities, and the gentrification of public spaceses_CO
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad de los Andeses_CO
dc.titleA cidade que quer tocar o céues_CO
dc.subject.keywordUrbanismo - Brasil - Publicaciones seriadases_CO
dc.subject.keywordEdificios de apartamentos - Brasil - Publicaciones seriadases_CO
dc.subject.keywordArquitectura doméstica - Brasil - Publicaciones seriadases_CO
dc.journal.titleTerritorios : Revista de Estudios Regionales y Urbanoses_CO

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