What is the Institutional Repository Seneca?

The Institutional Repository Seneca is the management and publication system, in digital media, of academic production, research and creation of the Universidad de los Andes. This repository is part of the digital knowledge management ecosystem of the University Library System, which in turn supports the dissemination, conservation and open access to information for the entire country and in general for interested parties anywhere in the world, being one of the main systems that support the University's declaration on open knowledge and open science.

In the Institutional Repository Seneca, the user will find content such as:

  • Degree projects (undergraduate, specialization, master's and doctorate).
  • Academic or research articles.
  • Research drafts.
  • Scientific and technical documents.
  • Scientific and technical documents.
  • Book Chapters
  • Books edited by the Universidad de los Andes.
  • Lectures presented at conferences.
  • Much more...